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About RSCC Nuclear Cables Division

Transit Cable Products are the sole authorized manufacturers’ sales representatives and consultants for the Rockbestos Surprenant Cable Corporation, now known as RSCC Wire and Cable LLC, within the UK and Ireland . RSCC are part of the Marmon Specialty Wire and Cable Group and in turn a Berkshire Hathaway Company.

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Why RSCC Nuclear Cables?

Very simply, no other cable design and manufacturing company is more committed globally to the nuclear power generation industry.

RSCC will not cut corners delivering cables that ensure the safe operation of a nuclear facility, whether the cables receive or deliver power, operate a reactor's signal and control systems, or operate critical safety and monitoring sytems

Current and new products from RSCC Nuclear Cable are designed to meet the demanding qualification and service conditions required by the Utilities and Reactor Manufacturers for reactor types such as PWR, BWR, Candu & HTGR