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BICON-Prysmian Cable Cleats & Supports

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Prysmian Cable Cleats and Fixings

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The requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations state that “Every cable or conductor used as a fixed wiring shall be supported in such a way that it is not exposed to undue mechanical strain” . Prysmian Cable Cleats meet this requirement with the added bonus that they also enable a neat and orderly installation to be achieved.

A range of Prysmian Cable Cleats is available to fix cables to a variety of surfaces – including ladder, tray, channel, concrete or masonry. Design features include ease of installation, the ability to accept a wide range of cable diameters, compact proportions and the facility for either double or multi-stacked arrangements to save space. Prysmian Cable Cleats are made from various materials to suit the environment and to be compatible with the cable sheaths. In addition, they must be capable of resisting the mechanical loads of the system and of providing the necessary restraint if a short circuit fault were to occur within the system.

Prysmian Cable Clamps satisfy all the above criteria, and items are available to suit the most hostile of environments. For example, certain cleats can withstand temperature excursions up to 1000°C for up to two hours.

All sizes of the more commonly used cables can be accommodated with most Prysmian Cable Clamps, offering a range-take capability second to none. For example, the Prysmian Telcleat range comprises just eight sizes, which both simplifies ordering and stocking, and also enables technicians to carry sufficient quantities of the various sizes around with them to enable the job to be completed quickly.

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