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T: +44 (0)1223 655 664
F: +44 (0)1223 655 229

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E-Tech Components (UK) Ltd are a Specialist Distributor of Electrical Cable Accessories and offer high quality, innovative and unique products and solutions that can save time, cost and improve quality and ensure compliance to industry standards and regulations.

Transit Cable Products Ltd are the sales arm of E-Tech Components in the South of England and liaise with the Wholesalers, Contractors and OEM Customers on their behalf. Our joint venture supports our customers by offering full technical support including design and certified training across our range of products and disciplines and in-house Tool Repair and Calibration facilities that make us unique in the electrical industry.

E-Tech Components (UK) and Transit Cable Products have expertise across diverse markets where high quality is essential, this includes Telecommunications, Wind & Renewable Energy, Rail & Traction Oil & Gas, Nuclear Power Plants and Major construction projects throughout the UK and Worldwide.

More specifically, we supply products in almost all areas of industry including such demanding areas as:

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Download a copy of the E-Tech Components Cable Accessories Catalogue:

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For enquiries or further information Please contact: sales@transitcableproducts.co.uk or leo@transitcableproducts.co.uk

E-Tech Components (UK) Ltd are a member of the Lagercrantz Group AB.

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