Exane PC Premises Cable London Underground authorised for sub surface and surface locations.

  • London Underground Spec LUL 1-085 A3:2011
  • Transit & Highway Tunnel Spec NFPA 130 & 502
  • RSCC Manufacturing Spec DAA1170A

Exane PC (Premises Cable). 0.75mm² to 400.00mm²

Exane PC® is a single layer low smoke, zero halogen cable comprised of thermoset insulation. It provides superior resistance to fire and moisture. It may be installed in wet or dry locations, indoors and outdoors, in metal trays, conduits, ducts, or in direct burial applications. Exane PC is an ideal cable for Power, Control and Instrumentation circuits in transit system and tunnel applications.

Note: This is a flame-retardant cable for normal circuits. Do not use on emergency circuits

Features and benefits:

  • Thermoset construction. Superior Flame Retardance.
  • Rated Voltage 1.5mm² -400mm² 450/750V. (0.75mm²-1.00mm² rated 300/500V per BS7211:1998).
  • Low Smoke Halogen Free
  • Class 5 Tinned Copper, per IEC 60228. Extra flexibility or Class 2 Bare Copper Conductor, per IEC 60228.
  • Wide temperature rating: -25°C to 90°C
  • Enhanced mechanical toughness
  • Easy installation. Easy strip.
  • 90°C rated for Normal Operation, 130°C emergency overload, 250°C short circuit
    Oil/Solvent/ Sunlight resistant. Excellent wet electrical properties

London Underground Product Authorisation ID1344

For information on the wide range of Exane Cables not listed. Please contact us to find the correct cable to suit your application.

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