In 1986, American Connectors opened their doors in Fort Worth, Texas as a manufacturer of quality Metal Clad (MC) cable connectors. The Per Fit line of MC cable connectors was developed to offer a connector that was internally machined to securely fit on a cable without the use of internal springs, retaining rigs, or any other separate internal holding device

The Per Fit Range of American Connectors provide the ideal termination link for

RSCC Exane® PC AMC (Aluminium Metal Clad) cable.

RSCC Gardex® MC (Aluminium Metal Clad) cable.

RSCC VITALink® MC (Fire Resistant/Copper Metal Clad) cable.

Please contact us to ensure the correct connector meets with your requirements and specification.

Metal Clad Cable Connectors

Hazardous Location Connectors

Download the TCP brochure for Aluminium Metal Clad Cables

Download the American Connectors brochure

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